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AU-ing again! This one's gonna happen!

Yeah... It's an AU based in Kanto, including Fire, Red, and Green as the prominent characters. I'm going to play Red, and I have someone interested in playing Green, and someone else is going to play Fire. Other characters would be more than welcome, but I don't know how much interest there would be. Even if you're not interested in playing anyone, I think this is one of my cooler AUs? It's kinda detailed. I call it either the Spiralverse, since each boy is seeking the other two, or Dreamverse, since there's much to do with dreams in it.

Red and Green were born in Pallet Town at the end of a devastating war that was eleven years long. Their mothers had been good friends, and so naturally, the boys were, too. In the last year of the war, the boys were four years old. Red's father had been killed in battle shortly before they were born. He was a celebrated war hero in the war-torn Kanto. Wartime though it was, Pallet had always been fairly peaceful. They still had bomb drills, but many people took to ignoring the warcraft flying above. Red's mother was one of only a couple people who still took shelter every time, dragging Red with her. At that time, Pallet Town had been fairly large and bustling. Just before the war ended, however, Pallet Town was bombed. Red's mother had dragged Red and Green to Oak's lab, and hidden underground with Professor Oak and Daisy. They survived because they hid. The whole town was flattened and everyone else was killed, including Green's parents.

In the wake of the bombing, a ceasefire was called. The war ended. It was not won; there were so many casualties that both sides lost. They were tired of war, so they merely... Stopped fighting. The destruction of Pallet Town was the final straw, it was just too devastating. In the wake of the war, Kanto began to rebuild. It was slow going. The Pokemon League was struggling to get back on its feet for peacetime, and everyone was worried that the strain of recovery from such a terrible war would cause fighting to break out again. Pallet managed to build itself back up to some functionality over the course of five years. Then trouble overtook the town once again.

Red and Green were about nine or ten when it happened. There was one year left before Professor Oak would give them Pokemon and Pokedexes and send them out to become Trainers. Team Rocket came to Pallet Town, and took over the poorly-defended town. They were after research subjects. When they came for the youngest residents, Red and Green, Red's mother tried to defend the boys. Team Rocket killed her and kidnapped the two friends. Red and Green were kept separate after that. No one knows what exactly Team Rocket's scientists put them through. Red wound up comatose with heightened brain activity, and Green's memories of his childhood were erased. A year later, two boys were sent to Professor Oak's lab to receive Pokemon and become Trainers. One was Green and the other was a boy who looked a bit like Red, though also a bit like Green. He was named Fire and had no family. Neither boy remembered their childhood. The residents of Pallet suspected Red had been killed and replaced, or had been transformed into Fire somehow, or had used him to make Fire a "more perfect" being, or some other terrible experiment.

During that year of experimentation, Team Rocket took control of the ailing Pokemon League. They made it look like they hadn't, but kept a firm hold on the higher ups to control the masses. Gym Leaders didn't learn they were being used by Team Rocket, though they were a boy from Pallet had been "created" by the organization. Because of this, no one ever seemed to smile around Fire. In truth, Fire was a hybrid clone of Red and Green. Team Rocket had kept a hold of Red to study him and his abnormal brain patterns.

FIRE - Fire's body is unstable, being a hybrid clone of two separate individuals. It's starting to break down. Fire doesn't know what he is, only that he's suddenly having many issues (A little like Wally, for reference, just heightened). He's sure there's something strange about him because none of the people in Pallet or any of the Gym Leaders smiled around him. He's been having strange, memory-like dreams lately, of a childhood that isn't his. In these dreams, he has black hair and red eyes. His existence is Red's tether to life and reality.

GREEN - Green's memory wipe was faulty, and he began recovering memories quickly through dreams not long after he started traveling. He smiles around Fire because he's sure some part of Red lives on in him. He's determined to find and Rescue Red, as well as protect Fire. His dreams have been leading him to information on what Team Rocket did to him and Red, as well as Fire and Red's location.

RED - Red is comatose, but dreaming. He had latent psychic abilities that no one noticed when he was younger, but they exploded into very strong psychic powers as a result of Team Rocket's experiments. He uses them through his dreams to affect the real world. He is the reason Fire's been dreaming of Red's childhood. He's also been helping Green recover his own memories, and he's also the one sending Green dreams guiding him to what he wants to know. Red's sure he'll wake up when Green and Fire come for him.

Whee! So yeah, if there's any interest in non-leads, you can PM me, comment here, or hit me up on AIM (novaspassion)!!