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2011-04-28 07:15 pm

Letty's mind went boink again

Yep, another AU idea, and I really like this one, so I'mma write it down so I remember to use it someday. It also needs development, so I can ask for input and whatnot!

Details, please read! )

Annnd here's where I ask about interest and input. Anyone think this sounds cool?  Fun? Interesting at all?

And the main things I'd like input on...

1. Protag/Rival typings (Mainly for those interested in picking a character up, but it never hurts to ask.)
2. How each region generally treats +Anima (One should be kinda hippie and cool with them, the rest not so much.)
3. How Teams Aqua, Magma, and Plasma generally treat +Anima (I'd imagine Plasma would want to protect them, but. IDK.)
4. Methods of near-death that would result in each typing (Also mainly for those interested in taking characters, but let's have a mass-brainstorming session!)

So... Anyone interested? It'd be more fun to get several people in on it, I think, so... Help sharing it would be nice, too. Okay done!
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2011-04-22 08:05 pm

AU-ing again! This one's gonna happen!

Yeah... It's an AU based in Kanto, including Fire, Red, and Green as the prominent characters. I'm going to play Red, and I have someone interested in playing Green, and someone else is going to play Fire. Other characters would be more than welcome, but I don't know how much interest there would be. Even if you're not interested in playing anyone, I think this is one of my cooler AUs? It's kinda detailed. I call it either the Spiralverse, since each boy is seeking the other two, or Dreamverse, since there's much to do with dreams in it.

Background )

Hero Boys )

Whee! So yeah, if there's any interest in non-leads, you can PM me, comment here, or hit me up on AIM (novaspassion)!!
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2011-01-20 12:50 am

To all my friends...

 ... So in the end, I was too comfortable, and was a major jerk.

I know I did something incredibly stupid. And I won't stop punishing myself for it for a long time. But you don't need to care about that.

What I mean to say is... I'm really, really sorry. And I love you guys. All of you. So much. I hope with all my heart that some of you really consider me a friend, too.

... So... Let's just all agree that I'm an idiot. I'm a stupid idiot. After what happened... Can we all agree on that? I don't want any OOC drama, so please... Let's just all agree I'm an idiot and forget this whole fiasco. Let's move on.

Or... If it helps... Let's start over...

Hi. I'm Letty. Who are you?
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2011-01-12 10:21 pm

Well now. Here's a way to avoid making new characters for every freaking AU idea I get!

 I can just spam up my own journal :3

Four major ideas right now. One Specialverse, two gameverse, and one that could go either way, or even animeverse (though I don't play animeverse). Heck, one of the two gameverse ones could just be an originalverse. One per post for a while, I'm lazy okay?

Annnnywho, Specialverse AU idea is this post and it's just... Kinda cracky. Superhero AU, think Justice League of America. DEX HOLDERS GET POWERS. BAD GUYS GET POWERS except grunts don't. Basically... What I've thought of goes like this.

Red's a precog. He gets flashes of the future, typically only a few seconds ahead. Part of the reason he's such a great battler is because he can get glimpses of incoming attacks and avoid them. He can control these a little. It doesn't always work, though. Occasionally (when something really big is coming) he can get a vision of something pretty far in the future. He can't control those at all.

Green is an amplifier. He can boost the powers of other people, or lower them. Like Blue, he does this with hand-to-skin contact. He can choose whether to boost or weaken the power of his victim, and the buff/debuff lasts for 10 hours. The effects stack, so he can change the strength of someone's power by varying amounts. His power does not work on Pokemon.

Blue's power is all about thievery. If she touches someone who has a power with her bare hand, she can "steal" their power. She is able to use it, until she touches someone else, or touches the same person again. If she already has a power with her and touches someone else who has a power, she gets the power of the second person and they get the power she borrowed from the first person. This swap lasts for twenty-four hours. She can also give someone a power for twenty-four hours by stealing a power then touching someone who doesn't have a power with her bare hand. She can return a power to its owner the same way she stole it. People cannot use their powers while she or someone she lent it to has them. Her power does not activate if she doesn't get skin contact. She can hold onto a power she's stolen indefinitely, but she can only have one at once.

Yellow's powers are obvious. She just gets a big power boost, so she can heal humans fairly easily, too. Telekinesis, power boosting her Pokemon, and heart reading is as limited as in canon, though.

Gold's powers are also undecided. Suggestions? Thoughts?

Silver has no powers. Instead, he is essentially Batman of the Pokemon universe. Lots of combat training, lots of detective training, lots of precision and skill, and lots and lots and lots of gadgets. The boy knows what he's doing and it's serious business, though anyone could do what he does. Or rather, could learn to. But yes, he is essentially Batman.

Crystal's power is sort of like being a human Pokedex. She can look at a Pokemon or person and get bombarded by statistical information and scientific blahblahblah. She can also scan humans for powers. She can't look at history, exactly, but... Human Pokedex thing.

Ruby is an illusionist. It's sort of like hypnosis, but he can cast an illusion or mirage over any of a person or Pokemon's five or six senses. He can make people hear or see things, etc. Yes, this means sparkles. He can also cast illusions over a person's mind if he exerts enough effort. He can make them think their power's been sealed and such. His illusions, on average, last between four and six hours depending on the size, unless he takes them down.

Sapphire is a shapeshifter. She can take on the form of any Pokemon she knows the species name and form of, and use their abilities.

Emerald is alchemically powered. He can shift his chemical composition into any element on the periodic table. If he tries hard enough, he can also do this to objects. He can use the attributes of whatever element he turns into at will.

The Sinnoh trio and anyone from B/W also have undecided powers. Same goes for villains and other major characters. All comments and ideas are welcomed~
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2011-01-03 09:31 pm

FINE I'l write a stupid angsty confession thing. HAPPY NOW, SAIR?

I have a confession to make, to everyone who's likely to see this. As my friends, and people I roleplay with, you deserve to know I have massive issues. They creep up on me sometimes and make me want to quit. Quit PD, quit school, quit everything.

I know the cause of my issues, and normally I wouldn't bore you to tears with the details. I'm just writing this because Sair and Cam said it would be better to just do this instead of bottling up my stupid angst like I usually do.

Anyway, on to the confession I mentioned. Truth is? I'm scared of you guys. I love you, you're some of the best friends I've ever had, but... I'm scared of you. And not just in the way a previous bad internet experience would give. All I can think about is... How good you guys are. At everything. And how much I fail in comparison. And how happy all of you are. I have confidence, yes, but all my self-esteem is a facade. I have low self-esteem, really. I'm just... A good actress. And no so good a roleplayer. Maybe that's why the only place I've ever really felt comfortable was onstage.

Another confession: I'm jealous. I'm jealous. I'll say it again, I'm jealous. I'm jealous of all of you, with your skill and happiness and friends. I'm jealous  of how much you all can support eachother. I'm jealous of everything. Everything. Every little thing.

I'll always feel like an outsider. Everywhere I go. Even if I'm comfortable at first, it won't be long before my issues come up to bite me in the tushy. And I'll run away from it all. There's another of my stupid issues, overindependance. I obsess over making friends, to the point where I don't want to make anything too heavy for fear of warding people off. No one likes angst. But that means I just become distant to the point where I ostracize myself. People consider me as that quiet, smart, unapproachable kid, and I wind up with very few friends I'm actually comfortable around. Comfortable enough to be myself, anyway.

It doesn't help that just about every real life friend I've ever had has moved away. Many didn't say goodbye. Several didn't even let me know they were leaving. And my brother, who has never seemed to need friends, has always had a crew of guys around to hang out with. All guys, all his age or thereabouts, and all in the neighborhood. I never had that. I was always so jealous. So jealous of him and his friends. So jealous of him and his happiness.

I usually just bottle eveything up. I deal with it myself, on my own terms, and usually don't even tell anyone I'm jealous or lonely or hurting. I take it all on myself and show no weakness. Look at me now! A girl with a reputation for not needing anyone. A girl with a reputation for being dependable. A girl you can always count on to lend you a shoulder to cry on. A girl who will always listen when you just need to let it all out. A girl who never has any troubles stopping her from giving advice when others need it. But I've grown up with loneliness being more the rule than the exception, and look at what else has become of me. A girl who depends on no one. A girl eaten up by jealousy. A girl plagued by loneliness. A girl who doesn't know how to socialize or rely on others.

I just close myself off to the world and never let it out. I run away from my issues and let them fester because I'm not strong enough to let anyone in. I don't know how to chit chat. I don't know how to fluff. All I can do is angst, and hide the angst, and cry in a corner where no one will see. I can only hide. And I just end up suffering alone.

I'm never more alone than when I'm surrounded by my so-called "friends".

So there you have it. A stupid angsty rant from a stupid angsty girl. You're probably disgusted. That's fine. You should be. I'm utterly detestable. Eaten up by jealousy. Overrun by loneliness. Bitter and untrusting of others. Unable to be myself. Never comfotable unless I'm being someone else. Cowardly and bitter and wallowing in my own self-pity. Look, I'll even top off the list of reasons to hate me by telling the truth, I'm mentally unstable! Who ever heard of a nocturnal sixteen-year-old who was afraid of the dark and parrots? I used to be a psychotic, a crazed wild thing, and I still get violent urges. I even hallucinate. This isn't normal insanity, this is honest-to-goodness crazy insanity.

Go ahead. Hate me now. I'll just run from it all again.

I think I might take a week off from roleplay sometime soon. But I won't. Because I'm afraid that if I do... I'll never have the courage to come back.